Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'd like to welcome ME aboard...

I get it A-LOT. "Wendy, what with your wit and humor, you must blog for us!"

  I know. I know... 

If only I was as confident as I pretend to be! That, and I can barely rewind a VHS with all my techie mad skillz. *Sigh*. 

But I have a lot to say and I'm pretty funny and crafty. I know how to do stuff, dangit! As a recent obsessed addict of "the Pinterest", I KNOW I will rock your socks (as I do mine).

 Heck, I'm a pre-menopausal, professional dieting, Disney addicted, boxed wine loving, Star Wars know-it-all,  Miss Piggy loving, weak-bladdered,  new Christian,  funny as hell,  single mother of 4 darling (but sometimes bratty) kids, with many super (pin)teresting hobbies and opinions...I should never run out fodder for my musings.  

Anyway, here's me without my tiara or Dodger's cap. NICE to meet'cha!